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What requirements are needed?

The requirements are set by law:

Rule #9.1 of the GMPA states:

"Only such persons may be admitted as apprentice maritime pilot who are suitably skilled in respect of qualification and experience, who possess the required physical and mental fitness and who are sufficiently reliable. Reliable is, whose personal prospects warrant that he will be complying with the duties of a maritime pilot."

Traditional way through experience at sea

At the time of the appointment the applicant has to meet the following requirements:

Alternative way with base education

Regular pilot education duration is 8 months when the applicant has proof of evidence of the 2 years of service at sea.
The applicant may substitude a missing 2 year service on merchant ships with a special base training prior to the regular education. The base training has a duration of six months.


The education through this alternative way takes 14 months including base training.

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