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Legal Basis: Pilot Act of 1954

The implementation of the German Martime Pilot Act (GMPA) in 1954 standardized pilotage services and put a solid, legal foundation underneath. The government as responsible institution for saftey and easiness of traffic and environmental protection on and along all national waterways installed a reliable legal basis for all parties concerned.

Pilot services around the clock

The legal implementation of unified and permanent pilotage services provided for a reliable basis for the maritime industry. Every vessel in every pilotage district has the legal right to get a pilot at all times throughout the year. The permanent operational availability of pilots eliminated the expensive waiting times for ship owners and charterers.

At the same time the GMPA satisfies the high demand for safety on all traffic ways for the government. The independency of each maritime pilot under the GMPA ensures safety and order on district waterways and environmental protection without any economic constraint. The introduction of freelance professionals makes the pilotage system independent from employee rights and the inspectorate division while producing well trained, cost-effective pilots at the same time.

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