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Pilot brotherhoods and their districts

The maritime pilots appointed for a particular pilot district constitute the pilot brotherhood. Such pilot brotherhood is a public body. (Rule #27 GMPA)

All pilotage districts are defined in the german general pilotage order ("Allgemeine Lotsverordnung", [ALV]), the district pilotage order ("Revierlotsverordnung", [RLV]) defines the corresponding brotherhood.

That way GMPA, ALV and RLV distribute the responsibility for all navigable waterways and areas. Each brotherhood is responsible for organizing pilot services assigned to the brotherhood.

Competence outside pilot districts
In the ports (private areas of the cities) of Hamburg and Bremerhaven pilot services are organized by a Habor Pilot Society/Brotherhood. In other ports (Emden, Kiel, Flensburg, etc.) the brotherhood of the adjacent pilot district organizes the pilot services.

In national waters along the coasts (distance pilotage) and in open sea (overseas pilotage) pilot services are organized by the adjacent brotherhood. Pilots of the brotherhood need an extra-education and a special permit from the governmental authority (General Directorate for Waterways and Shipping).

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