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Pilotage dues

Revenues and expenses

"The facilities and equipment required for the provision of pilot services (shore and water based pilot stations, pilot and commuting boats) are to be provided, maintained and operated by the supervisory boards." (§6 GMPA)

"A ship navigating in a pilot district has to pay dues for the provision of pilot facilities (Pilotage Dues)...The revenues from pilotage dues shall not exceed the public expenses for the purposes of maritime pilotage; the public interest in promoting transport services shall be taken into consideration."
(§45 GMPA)

The amount of pilotage dues for a vessel depend on its size and can be viewed in the "Lotstarifordnung" (pilot tariff regulations [134 KB] ). The Federal Ministry of Finance determines the hight of the pilotage dues.

The federal administration gained over 50 million Euro in 2010 through pilotage dues. The expenses for the pilot infrastructure where over 60 million Euro in the same year.

Little leeway

The German Maritime Pilot Act rules that pilotage dues have to be reasonable and should not produce any profit for the administration. If the expenses are not covered by the revenues, the administration has to ask for tax payers money to balance the budget. If the revenues are higher than the costs for the infrastructure, the administration has to lower the tarif.

Budget auditing is done by the German Federal Court of Auditors.

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