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Two Head Organisations

The Federal Chamber of Pilots (FCP) and the Bundesverband der See- und Hafenlotsen (BSHL, Federal association of maritime pilots and docking masters) are two independent head organisations with an equal foundation: maritime pilots.

While the FCP as a public body represents the entity of the German pilot brotherhoods under the GMPA (excluding docking master organisations), the BSHL is a free and independent association representing its voluntary members (maritime pilots and docking masters).

Formation of the BSHL

In general most of todays pilots have been employed as masters or navigation officers prior to their career as a maritime pilot. For organisation purposes they simply had to join a union which is not possible for someone who is selfemployed like pilots are. Unions are designated to represent employees only.

To still be able to be organised as an individual the german pilots founded the FEDERAL ASSOCIATION OF RIVER PILOTS AND DOCKING MASTERS in the early 1990s. The lack of a legal nationwide lobby for habour pilots was cured with the foundation as well.

The BSHL represents its individual members, including habour pilots.

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